The increasing power of mobile communications devices has reached the point where they now act as a pocket-sized computer. With this much power, a wide range of downloadable applications, and always-available Internet access, the ability to use today’s smartphones for productivity and schoolwork has huge potential. This book examines the uses, applications, and relative strengths and weaknesses among these devices. It also reveals how mobile devices can be used to find information related to communication, research, school work, and even fun and games. The reader will discover the latest techniques for gathering information on-the-go, in the form of digital photos, text, audio, and video, using mobile devices. They will also learn how to use those same mobile devices to organize, retrieve, and relay the information they have gathered to friends, family, study partners, and teachers. The book also includes the latest guidelines for proper digital and cell phone etiquette and security, “Myths and Facts,” and “1 Great Questions to Ask an IT Specialist