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American Holidays / Celebraciones En Los Estados Unidos

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  • Americas workers are the focus of Labor Day, as this patriotic holiday honors the struggles people faced in the pursuit of fair wages and safe working conditions. Photographs show historical context as well as contemporary celebrations of the holiday. Accessible bilingual English and Spanish text explains the history and traditions associated with this end-of-summer holiday.
  • Memorial Day honors those who have died in service to their country. This volume uses easy-to-follow English and standard Latin American Spanish to explain the origins of this special day, as well as the ways in which Americans use the day to take pride in their fallen soldiers. Bright photographs show soldiers, families, and children taking part in parades and other activities that demonstrate respect and gratitude to the people of service
  • Introduces Presidents' Day and the two presidents it chiefly honors, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and describes monuments to the presidents.
  • Family, friends, and food make Thanksgiving many Americans favorite holiday. This caption book uses accessible bilingual text to explain the holidays beginnings as a Pilgrim feast as well as to present some of todays popular traditions. Colorful photographs encourage readers to learn about the meaning of Thanksgiving and to share some of their favorite parts of the holiday.
  • Veterans Day was established to honor the veterans of World War I. Today, the holiday is used to show gratitude for all people who have served in the military. Easy-to-follow text in English and standard Latin American Spanish explains the history and ceremonies associated with the holiday. Full-color photographs show patriotic ceremonies and parades and will help emerging and bilingual readers appreciate the importance of this holiday.

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